evokel - pivotal point in consulting

In today's business environment decision-making is becoming a progressively challenging process due to accelerating complexity. In such a data rich, however, information poor sphere identification and concentration on the pivotal point point small is most decisive.

Leonardo da Vinci's accomplishments on the subject of light, point and perspective still serve today, more than half a millennium later, as a strong guidance for a holistic decision-making approach; portraying the key issue - the pivotal point point small - from the right perspective on the basis of extensive observation and enlightening alternative scenarios, literally and figuratively.

evokel, a unique consulting boutique established in Germany, has taken this approach one step further; encircling the key business issue - the pivotal point point small - while unveiling grey areas with a blend of fundamental mechanisms developed/fine-tuned in over 1 billion years of successful evolution and state-of-the-art methods/technologies in operations research and information science culminating repetitively in innovative solutions. This perpetual dynamic improvement process is fueled by just two forces – analyze and optimize – stimulating and giving rise to each other.

evokel - a novel approach in search of excellence and pivotal point in consulting.